landscape-1452529244-503674372Khloé Kardashian had a rough 2015: Her ex Lamar Odom overdosed at a brothel and as the year came to a close, her brother, Rob, was hospitalized for diabetes. But that hasn’t derailed the 31-year-old from her professional ambitions. Instead of putting a stop on her career, Khloé says she’s focused her energy into her upcoming pseudo talk-show, Kocktails With Khloe, debuting Jan. 20 at 10 p.m. on FYI.

 The eight-episode series is intended to mimic a typical booze-soaked dinner party at her house, right down to the set, modeled after her home and featuring a working kitchen, dining area, and den. Each one-hour episode will see Khloé entertaining guests as 22 hidden cameras capture an evening filled with games, gossip, and grub provided by an on-site chef.

“I’m not a traditional talk show host — I don’t want to be interviewing [people] on some couch. I don’t think that’s authentic,” Khloé told last Friday, the day after her first run-through and also the afternoon her brother-in-law, Kanye West, released one new song plus a snippet of another.

With casting already underway for her next TV show, Revenge Body, and shooting for the 12th season of KUWTK beginning this month, Khloé discusses how she’s prepping for Kocktails, Kanye’s upcoming album Swish, and how Rob’s doing after his sudden health scare. She also reveals an unlikely celebrity booking request.

How was the test run?
It was really good. But thank god we did a test run. You want to go through your kinks. But I thought it was super great. My mom got a little too drunk.

That’s kind of the point though, right?
That is the point. But I was like, “I’m going to kill you, Mom.” But it’s OK. It’s my mom.

You haven’t released a lineup of guests. How are you going about picking them?
If you were to have a dinner party at home, you invite people who you know will mesh well together. Or [people who will] at least bring something to the conversation. You never want polar-opposite guests, or else you’ll have a weird dinner party. Nothing is set in stone right now, but we have a bulletin board of clusters of guests and we’re seeing who will go best [together]. The closer we get, the more celebrities are reaching out to us that want to be on it, so that’s really cool.

Like who?
Well, nothing is booked, but Wiz Khalifa wanted to get on it. It’s fun to hear that anybody wants to be on the show. I’m trying to think who else … Comedians. There are people of all walks of life. Musicians, actors, TV actors. I have a few reality people who are going to hopefully come on. Everyone on the show will be of name or face, but maybe it’s not someone you will know. It’s not like everyone is … I don’t want to say A-list, but everyone might not be in the top-grossing movie at the moment.

What about someone like Kanye?
He’s potential. I want him and Kim to come on together, and that’s all depending on how Kim is feeling. It’d be closer to the end of the show, if so. She just had a baby.

Did you hear the new Kanye songs that came out today?
I did not today, but I’ve heard his whole album. His studio is at his house, so we go to his house all the time. I’ve heard the songs, I just don’t know which ones came out.

It was “Real Friends”—
OK, I’ve heard “Real Friends.”

And a snippet of “No More Parties in L.A.”
His album is so good. So I’m confused, is this not an album? We’re just giving away music?

I think he’s starting up G.O.O.D. Fridays again. [Editor’s note: Kanye later tweeted a release date for Swish: Feb. 11.]
He has so many songs that we — I act like I’m recording them — that he can’t figure out what he wants to put on his album. And they’re all genuinely terrific songs. So maybe that’s why he’s doing that.

You’re one of the lucky few who’s heard it.
I know, it’s really cool. And he really cares about our opinions, which I find even cooler. Because we’re not artists, obviously, but he respects what we say so much. He is so passionate. He’s like, every bit the meaning of an artist. He’s so into his craft, and just to see him at work and see how much he respects our opinions, all of us sisters, he wants us all in the studio at different times. Thank god we all live a block away from each other.

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